"I Got Rhythm" in the style of Freddie Green

George Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm" is the basis of countless jazz tunes. Even the theme for "The Flintstones" cartoon television series is a "Rhythm" tune. Freddie Green undoubtedly played "Rhythm" changes thousands of times in his fifty year career.

The music below is not a transcription; it is a hypothetical example of how Freddie might have played "Rhythm" changes. Note the use of one note chords, two note chords, passing notes, and added upper notes on beats 2 and 4. All are typical techniques of Freddie Green's rhythm guitar style.

The form of "I Got Rhythm" is A-A-B-A; it is typically played as a 32 bar tune. I have notated the A section only once. Use it as a guide to create your own A section "changes ala Freddie Green".

Refer to other articles in this "Lessons and Technique" section for detailed explanations of Freddie's playing style.

Michael Pettersen
November 2003

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