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Since 2001, this site has been devoted to jazz rhythm guitar and the man who epitomized the big band guitar style. Our efforts are dedicated to the master of this art form – Freddie Green – and exists to collect and share information that will aid the big band jazz guitarist in keeping this style alive and well. Musicians, scholars, and Freddie Green fans from around the world continue to collaborate in compiling technical explanations, transcriptions, historical information, and photos for this on-line resource.

Freddie Green book - Rhythm is My Beat

NEW: The biography of Freddie Green written by his son, Alfred Green. Visit Alfred's website for more information.

Michael Pettersen, our chief web site contributor, wrote sections of the book that describe Freddie's playing technique. Michael discovered a few misprints in the first printing and has provided a list of corrections.

Check out pianist Judy Carmichael's interview with Alfred Green on her NPR/SiriusXM Jazz Inspired radio program, recorded live at Kiawah Island, SC on February 23, 2016.

This web site is strictly a not-for-profit, educational endeavor. All research, writing, and editing is done by volunteers. The site is continuously expanding. We hope that you will find it useful throughout its evolution.

If you have additional resources, references, quotes, photos, or other useful information to contribute, please contact us. Also, please visit our Visitor Comments page and leave a note, or read what others have to say about the Freddie Green web site.

Rhythm guitar is like vanilla extract in cake.
You can't taste it when it's there, but you know when it's left out.
- Irving Ashby

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Now you can hear Freddie Green speak! Here's a brief audio excerpt from an interview that aired during a National Public Radio tribute to Count Basie in 2004.


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